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Unschooling with Monis Ahmad Khan


Unschooling with Monis Ahmad Khan is all about intangible learning. Let’s go beyond basic set of rules & regulations of school which have their own importance though. But in my classes there will be no rules, no regulations, no limits, no boundaries and lot of hard work for learning, for exploring. Let me give your old school of thoughts, old school learnings a new dimension by developing new thoughts and perspectives towards life, art, passion, language, stories and many more i.e Unschooling your thoughts.


I’ll try to teach 5 beautiful art forms; Poetry, Storytelling, Acting, Urdu & Anchoring in which you will be benefitted significantly, not only in terms of exploring the unexplored or finding the hidden ability of your art, but also by shedding the inhibitions associated with performing in front of an audience.


During unschooling with me, not only your art but also you will start seeping into other areas of your life through your and my experiences of struggle. And you will realise how truly talented & capable you’re, when you will get a new perspective. Remember, Unschoolers learn from the world around them and I will introduce that world to you. It’s all about learning from life. Many sources and many people.

How many modules are there in it?

It will revolve around 5 Modules and these are,

  1. Poetry Module.
  2. Storytelling Module.
  3. Urdu reading and writing Module.
  4. Acting Module.
  5. Anchoring Module.

Note: Irrespective of whatever module you choose, you will get complimentary knowledge, information and experience from my side regarding, how to work on your stage appearance things in respect of your performing arts like vocal exercises, voice modulation exercises etc. (bole to stage pe jhaaamfaad performance kaise dene ka hai, wo apan complimentray batayengey chahen aap koi bhi module choose karen)


Module information:

  1. It’s your choice that which Module you want to choose,
  • If you want to learn just one module, it’s fine;
  • If you want to learn more than one module, that would be cool as well.
  • And if you want to learn all the modules, then also it’s cool.

The selection of the module is all yours.

  1. Sessions can be multiple but the total duration of one individual module (for elementary level): 5 hours.
  2. Sessions would be one on one but if I find two or more people of same thought process, maybe I will take in groups as well, but for now, most probably it would be one on one session that is just you and me.


Minimum requirement: Hard work only.

Who is this for?

People who are fond of words like emotions, art, thought process, passion, self-love, determination, stubbornness, will power, and definitely who like to dream.

Age, Language, Location, Religion blah blah blah – No bar. (Sab scene sort hai is behalf pe)


Mode and timing of sessions:

The sessions will happen over any video/audio calling medium like Whatsapp, Zoom, Instagram, Facebook, IMO, and timing depending upon my and your schedule.

The remaining time we will stay in touch on this ID for conversations regarding session – unschoolingwithmak@gmail.com


End mein Module over hotey hotey, Pyaar ho jaayega – Khud se
What will you get from this Unschooling with Monis Ahmad Khan?:
Jo aapka hai wo aapko rubaru karaunga aur jo mere paas hai use hifazat se aapko dene ki poori koshish karunga.

That’s it!

For costing and other information,
Kindly mail me on unschoolingwithmak@gmail.com

With love,
Monis.Ahmad Khan